Lava stone refractory plate for barbecue 39X35X2 cm



Ideal for cooking meat, fish, vegetables on gas, charcoal or wood-fired barbecues. You can also use it in gas or electric cooking stoves.

The lava stone griddle for barbecues or stoves allows you to enhance meat in the best way, but also to cook fish and vegetables in a tasty and healthy way. Elegant in its minimal and modern design, it is also extremely comfortable and easy to clean

100% SICILIAN, NATURAL, ARTISAN The lava stone used comes from ancient volcanic eruptions in Etna. A natural, totally Sicilian, handcrafted material. The difference, compared to the many cordierite plates you will find for sale online, is remarkable: these are often industrial, Made in China products, while with our refractory stones you have the guarantee of a natural, Sicilian, handcrafted product.

FOR HEALTHY COOKING The lava stone griddle does not emit harmful substances, does not produce fumes when cooking (even when cooking particularly fatty foods), and does not allow foreign substances to form on the food being cooked. This ensures not only healthy cooking, but also authentic flavor that has never been altered. Cooking is done by uniform heat absorption, so it preserves the nutritional and vitamin value of foods. Eat good food, in every sense of the word.

NON-STICK AND ALWAYS HOT The plate is naturally nonstick. In addition, it allows heat to accumulate and retain heat long enough over time, maintaining, even with the fire off, a constant temperature for 25-35 minutes.


Additional information

Dimensioni Imballo:39 × 35 × 2 cm
Peso Imballo: 8kg