RAGGIO – Etnean lava stone TRAY/TAILER





Etna lava stone tray/chopping board

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Federica Coffa, Filippo Messina
30 x 17 x 0,5 cm
Entirely made from a single slab of Etna lava stone that is cut, hand-finished and ceramised by Sicilian craftsmen.The simple lines and vibrant colours make it suitable for any room in the house.It can be used as a plate, sushi platter, cutting board or simply as a decorative object.
  • Material: Etna lava stone and apylobic enamel
  • Resistant to frost and temperature changes
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Processing: glaze application with brush or airbrush


Discover the Unique Charm of the Raggio Collection Lava Stone Tray: Functionality Meets Design

A Style Object That Revolutionises Your Table: From Trays and Serving Plates to Customisable Cutting Boards

In the world of interior design and table decoration, few elements manage to combine timeless elegance with everyday functionality like the lava stone tray from the Raggio collection. This is no mere utility item for the kitchen, but a real style statement that brings a piece of nature and design straight to your table.

A Touch of Nature and Design

Lava stone, with its unique surface and strength, becomes the canvas on which the Raggio collection paints its vision. Unlike marble chopping boards, which are often heavy and delicate, or wooden chopping boards, which are prone to deterioration and difficult to maintain, lava stone trays offer superior durability and simplified maintenance, all while maintaining a classy aesthetic. They can be used as elegant trays or serving plates, perfect for presenting your culinary creations such as sushi in style, or as practical chopping boards, ideal for serving cold meats and cheeses with an added touch of sophistication.

Design Inspired by Nature

The name of the collection, Raggio, is inspired by the geometric shape and pattern that decorates each piece, evoking the image of a sunbeam meeting the sea. This artistic vision not only adds unparalleled aesthetic value but turns every use into a unique visual experience, making every occasion a celebration of natural beauty and design.

Customisation at your service

The Raggio collection goes further by offering you the possibility to customise your tray or chopping board, both in terms of size and colour. This means that you can have a piece that not only fits your practical needs perfectly but also reflects your personal taste and blends harmoniously with the ambience of your home.

An Investment in Style and Functionality

Opting for a tray or chopping board from the Raggio collection means choosing an object that will stand the test of time not only in terms of material, thanks to the durability of lava stone, but also in terms of design. Its beauty and functionality make it an ideal complement for any occasion, from serving elegant hors d’oeuvres to hosting a cheese and wine tasting evening.

Additional information

Dimensioni Imballo:46 × 6 × 40 cm
Peso Imballo: 1kg


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