Lava stone refractory pizza plate 39X30X2 cm

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Your pizza, unbelievable and as good as pizzeria pizza, even at home.

A crispy outside and soft inside pizza like you've never made at home! The lava stone refractory plate gives you back the same pizzeria experience because it retains heat and absorbs moisture. And you can use this model not only in the traditional oven but also in the barbecue! Bake one pizza after another, without waiting for it to return to temperature, and save time and energy

100% SICILIAN, NATURAL, ARTISAN The lava stone used comes from ancient volcanic eruptions in Etna. A natural, totally Sicilian, handcrafted material. The difference, compared to the many cordierite plates you will find for sale online, is remarkable: these are often industrial, Made in China products, while with our refractory stones you have the guarantee of a natural, Sicilian, handcrafted product.

FOR AN INCREDIBLE PIZZA The stone oven reaches very high temperatures that the home oven cannot reach. If you use a lava stone refractory plate, however, you can emulate that effect because the plate is able to store heat and distribute it evenly to the pizza. Also by retaining moisture it promotes crispness. It easily withstands temperatures up to 1000° and does not emit harmful substances, does not produce fumes in cooking, and does not allow foreign substances to form on the food being cooked. Baking is faster: you save time and energy and have a delicious pizza! And you can bake bread and many other baked goods as well!

NON-STICK AND ALWAYS HOT The plate is naturally nonstick. It also allows heat to be stored and retained long enough over time.



Discover the Secret of the Perfect Pizza: the LAVIC STONE REFRACTORY PLATE.

A Touch of Sicily in the Kitchen: Cuore Lavico 39x30x2 the True Etna Lava Stone

In the heart of every fan of Italian cuisine, pizza holds a place of honor. But how to replicate at home the unique flavor and crispness that only a wood-fired oven seems to be able to provide? The answer lies in a secret guarded by the slopes of Etna: the LAVIC STONE REFRACTORY PLATE FOR PIZZA. Let’s find out together why this tool is revolutionary in the world of homemade pizza.

**The Magic of Etna Lava Stone**

Real lava stone from Etna, with its porous, high-temperature resistant surface, is the heart of this refractory plate. This stone, quarried directly from the slopes of Europe’s most active volcano, is known for its exceptional thermal properties. When it heats up, it distributes heat evenly over the entire surface, allowing the pizza to cook perfectly, from crust to core.

**Dimensions Ideal for Every Oven**

With its dimensions of 39x30x2 cm, the LAVIC STONE REFRACTORY PLATE FOR PIZZA fits perfectly in most domestic ovens. This means you can enjoy the pleasure of homemade pizza, with all the benefits of professional baking, whenever you want.

**A Touch of Authenticity**

Using a genuine Etna lava stone griddle not only improves the quality of your pizza but also adds a touch of authenticity to your dish. It is like having a piece of Sicily in your kitchen, combining tradition and innovation in one cooking tool.

**Easy to Use and Clean**

In spite of its robustness and unique capabilities, the LAVIC STONE REFRACTORY PLATE FOR PIZZA is surprisingly easy to use. Just preheat it in the oven and you’ll be ready to bake your pizza. What about cleanliness? Simple. Once cooled, it can be cleaned with water and a soft brush, ready for your next culinary masterpiece.


The original LAVIC STONE REFRACTORY PLATE FOR PIZZA is just CUORE LAVICO, not just an accessory for your kitchen; it is a ticket to the world of high-quality homemade pizza. It is an opportunity to bring Sicilian tradition and culinary perfection to the comfort of your home, guaranteeing delicious, authentic pizza every single time. If you are a true pizza aficionado or simply looking for a way to enhance your evenings with family or friends, look no further. The solution is here, mined from the bowels of Etna, ready to transform your dining experience.

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