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Etna lava stone square tidy tray/centerpiece

Production year
Product Code
C-M-001, C-M-002, ST-M-001, ST-M-002
Philip Messina
  • Material: Etna lava stone and apylobic enamel
  • Resistant to frost and temperature changes
  • Processing: glaze application with brush or airbrush


Etna Lava Stone Centrepiece: Elegance and Multifunctionality for Your Home

Discover how the Lava Stone Centrepiece from the Momento Collection can transform your space with style and practicality.

In a world where uniqueness and personal style are increasingly becoming an expression of self, the objects we choose to decorate our spaces speak directly of our personality and taste. Among them, the Etna lava stone centrepiece from the Momento collection emerges as a true design gem, capable of embellishing and rendering functional any room in the home. But what makes this centrepiece so special? Let’s find out together.

One Object, Infinite Possibilities

The Etna lava stone centrepiece is not a simple decorative object. Its versatility makes it a furnishing accessory capable of adapting to multiple uses: from the kitchen, where it can serve as an elegant container for fruit or as a base for your compositions, to the living room, where it can be transformed into a refined tidy tray or storage unit. Its multi-purpose nature makes it an indispensable piece for those who love functional yet refined and classy spaces.

The Beauty of Etna Lava Stone

Lava stone, quarried from the slopes of Etna, is a material that embodies the strength and energy of Europe’s most active volcano. Each centrepiece is unique, thanks to the natural variations in texture and colour of the stone, making yours not just a design object, but a true piece of natural art. The craftsmanship adds that touch of uniqueness and authenticity that only handmade products can have.

Customise Your Space

The Momento collection offers a choice of different sizes to perfectly fit any table or surface. But customisation doesn’t end there: you can contact us directly to request a made-to-measure size, ensuring that your Etna lava stone centrepiece fits perfectly into the space and style you desire.

An Investment in Style and Functionality

Investing in an Etna lava stone centrepiece from the Momento collection means choosing an object that combines aesthetics and practicality. It not only enriches the room with its scenic presence, but also offers a functional and versatile solution to everyday spaces. It is a piece that, despite the passing of years, will keep its charm intact, giving your space an ever refined and cosy look.

Additional information

Dimensioni Imballo:46 × 6 × 40 cm
Peso Imballo: 5kg


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