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Tric Trac


Etna lava stone square tidy tray/centerpiece

Production year
Product Code
C-T-001, ST-T-001
Philip Messina
The lineTric Trac consists of platters, serving plates, trays, cutting boards, tray trays and centrepieces, bringing a touch of colour and energy to rooms.The Tric Trac collection is distinguished by its lively geometric patterning reminiscent of the famous game of backgammon, with elegant white triangles standing out against the Etnean lava stone backing, a fine and durable material that adds a touch of authenticity and prestige to each item. This detail not only lends a luxurious appearance, but also emphasises the uniqueness and originality of Italian design.


Innovation in the Art of the Table: The Etnean Lava Stone Dish Tric Trac

A masterpiece of craftsmanship and design by Filippo Messina

In the beating heart of Italian craftsmanship and design comes a product that is revolutionising the culinary experience and domestic aesthetics: the lava stone dish ‘Tric Trac’, an exceptional work by the talented designer Filippo Messina. This article explores the unique characteristics and artistry behind the creation of these extraordinary dishes, highlighting their ability to fuse functionality and beauty in each piece.

The Indisputable Charm of the Lava Stone Dish

Etna lava stone, the beating heart of the Tric Trac collection, is a material that carries with it the strength and history of the Sicilian lands. Its transformation into elegant serving dishes is the result of a meticulous hand-crafted process in which the stone is cut, hand-finished and then ceramicised, making it not only beautiful to admire but also functional.

Design and Functionality: A Perfect Balance

Filippo Messina has succeeded in combining the vibrant aesthetics of modern design with the intrinsic qualities of lava stone. Each hand-painted plate tells a story of creativity and passion, highlighted by the vivid geometric patterning that recalls the game of backgammon. These details not only enrich the home environment with a touch of colour and energy, but also emphasise the uniqueness of Italian craftsmanship, making each piece a true design object.

Resistance and Versatility

The Tric Trac collection is distinguished not only by its unrivalled design, but also by the strength and versatility of its components. Etna lava stone, combined with lead-free enamel, guarantees exceptional durability, resisting frost and temperature changes. These plates are also dishwasher-safe, thus combining aesthetics and practicality in one product.

The Tric Trac Collection: A World of Colours and Shapes

In addition to serving platters, the Tric Trac line is enriched with under plates, trays, cutting boards, tray trays and centrepieces. Each article adds a touch of personality to the space, making the collection versatile and suitable for any environment. Sold individually or in sets, these pieces allow for unique combinations, adaptable to any style and occasion.

A Choice of Style and Sustainability

Choosing a lava stone dish from the Tric Trac collection means not only enhancing your home with a high design object, but also supporting the authenticity of Italian craftsmanship. These pieces, made with dedication and craftsmanship, represent a perfect fusion of beauty, functionality and sustainability, symbols of Made in Italy excellence around the world.

Every dish, every detail, encapsulates the love and passion for art and design, making the Tric Trac collection a true treasure to be discovered and experienced every day.

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Dimensioni Imballo:46 × 6 × 40 cm
Peso Imballo: 5kg


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