FUSIONI – Lava Stone Dish 03

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Etna lava stone serving dish

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Federica Coffa
  • Material: Etna lava stone and apylobic enamel
  • Resistant to frost and temperature changes
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Processing: glaze application with brush or airbrush


Fusioni: The Magic of Fluid Art on Etna Lava Stone

Discover the magic of lava stone designer plates, where petrol blue and white blend with volcanic essence.

At a time when the quest for uniqueness and attention to detail are becoming increasingly central to interior design, the “Fusioni” collection, a line of tableware that stands out for its originality and profound beauty, emerges strongly. Born from the fusion of millennia-old lava stone from Etna and the vibrant technique of fluid art, this collection represents a bridge between the impetuous force of nature and tireless human creativity, offering unique pieces that enrich living spaces with stories, colors and textures.

Elegance Meets the Force of Nature

The Fusioni collection is a tribute to the powerful volcanic energy of Etna, cradle of a millennia-old stone that becomes a canvas for artistic expressions of rare beauty. The skillful use of petrol blue and white, contrasting with the natural color of the lava stone, creates a visual effect of surprising elegance, capable of catching the eye and stimulating conversation.

Liveliness and Uniqueness on Every Table

Each piece in the collection, also available in sets consisting of plate and underplate, is a celebration of uniqueness. The fluidity of the decoration technique, which combines colors in ever-changing ways, makes each dish a unique work of art. The Fusioni collection is not only synonymous with designer dishes, but is also an expression of the perfect marriage of innovation and tradition, where nature and art meet to create something truly unique.

Durability and Practicality

In addition to beauty, designer lava stone dishes offer unique features in terms of durability and practicality of use. Special crystalline treatment makes the underplates stain-resistant and waterproof, thus ensuring a long life and ease of maintenance that makes them perfect for both daily use and special occasions.

A Complete Sensory Experience

The Fusioni collection is more than just serving dishes or decorative elements for the table. It is an invitation to gather friends and family around a table that is also a space for sharing, inspiration and beauty. Each meal becomes an opportunity to celebrate life, art, and nature in a sensory experience involving sight, touch, and taste.

In conclusion, the Fusioni collection is an emotional and sensory journey that starts from the slopes of Etna and arrives directly at your table, transforming every moment shared into an indelible memory. The fusion of vibrant colors and lava stone not only elevates the concept of designer dishes but also breaks new ground in the art of the table, where every detail speaks of passion, creativity, and love of natural beauty.

Additional information

Dimensioni Imballo:46 × 6 × 40 cm
Peso Imballo: 1kg

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