FUSIONI – Lava Stone Dish 04

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Etna lava stone serving dish

Production year
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Federica Coffa
  • Material: Etna lava stone and apylobic enamel
  • Resistant to frost and temperature changes
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Processing: glaze application with brush or airbrush


Fusioni: Fluid Art in Lava Stone Design Dishes

Discover how the designer plates in the Fusioni collection combine the charm of Etna lava stone with the dynamism of petrol blue and white colors.

In the beating heart of traditional Italian craftsmanship comes a collection that is redefining the standards of designer plates: “Fusioni.” This exclusive range enhances the beauty of lava stone, directly extracted from the bowels of Etna, fused with an explosion of vibrant colors that recall the depth of petroleum blue and the purity of white. “Fusioni” is not just a collection of designer plates; it is an ode to the power of nature and human creativity, a bridge between visual art and culinary pleasure.

A Colorful Journey to Your Table

The “Fusioni” collection turns every table into an art exhibit. The designer plates in this line represent the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics, where each piece tells a story of fusion and contrast. Petrol blue mixes with white in a color dialogue that contrasts beautifully with the natural color of the lava stone, offering a unique and fascinating visual spectacle.

Innovation and Respect for Tradition

“Fusioni” stands out for its innovation in working with lava stone, an age-old material that is renewed here under the skilled hands of artisans. Each designer plate is the result of a meticulous process involving the application of the fluid-art technique, making the smooth and vivid surface a true masterpiece of colors and shapes. The crystalline applied to each underplate ensures that the beauty of these items will endure over time, protecting the material from stains and making it waterproof.

Every Creation is Unique

The magic of the “Fusioni” collection lies in the uniqueness of each piece. Thanks to the decoration technique, no dish is identical to another; each item is a tribute to exclusivity and originality. To have a piece from the “Fusioni” collection on one’s table is to possess a unique fragment of art and nature, a bridge between the ancestral world of lava stone and the modernity of contemporary designs.

Elegant and Natural Design Dishes

The “Fusioni” collection is more than just designer plates; it is a testimony to the encounter between the power of nature and the artistic vision of man. Each piece invites you to rediscover the pleasure of surrounding yourself with beauty, of making your table a stage where art and functionality dance together. “Fusioni” is not only a choice of style, it is a statement of personality, an invitation to celebrate moments shared around the table with works of art that tell stories of color, energy and life.

Choosing designer plates from the “Fusioni” collection means bringing to one’s table not only everyday objects but real pieces of art, witnessing a perfect fusion between the elegance of Italian design and the evocative power of nature.

Additional information

Dimensioni Imballo:46 × 6 × 40 cm
Peso Imballo: 1kg

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