FUSIONI – Lava Stone Dish 05

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Etna lava stone serving dish

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Federica Coffa
  • Material: Etna lava stone and apylobic enamel
  • Resistant to frost and temperature changes
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Processing: glaze application with brush or airbrush


Fusioni: Fluid Art Masterpieces on Etnean lava stone.

Discover the collection that brings the energy of Etna to your table, combining art, nature and design in every piece.

Art meets the majesty of nature in the heart of Sicily, where Mount Etna, one of the most active and fascinating volcanoes in the world, offers human creativity one of its most precious treasures: lava stone. It is from this extraordinary combination that “Fusioni,” a unique collection that makes the table a true art exhibition, was born.

An Ode to the Beauty of Etna

Lava stone, with its volcanic origin, encapsulates the power and energy of Etna. Transformed into objects of daily use, it becomes a witness to a history thousands of years old, carrying with it a piece of Sicilian identity. The Fusioni collection celebrates this legacy, offering pieces that are both reflections of the power of nature and human ingenuity.

The Dance of Colors

The technique of fluid art, masterfully applied to the irregular surface of lava stone, gives rise to plays of color that are always different and surprising. Each piece becomes a canvas, on which the colors merge and blend into unique patterns, making each item a unique and unrepeatable piece. The vibrant shades chosen evoke the pure energy of the volcano, adding a touch of vibrancy and warmth to any room.

A Piece of Sicily in Every Home

Each item in the Fusioni collection carries a fragment of the Sicilian soul, combining a passion for art, respect for nature, and love for tradition. These pieces are not simply objects, but true messengers of stories, emotions and traditions. Choosing a Fusioni item means bringing to your table not only a piece of exclusive design, but also a piece of history, a narrative made of fire, earth and creativity.

Each Piece is Unique

The fluidity with which the colors blend on the lava stone makes each creation unrepeatable. The technique used ensures that no piece is the same as another, thus offering unparalleled exclusivity. Each piece in the Fusioni collection is not just an object to be used but a work of art to be admired, a fragment of nature and creativity to be brought into everyday life.

Additional information

Dimensioni Imballo:46 × 6 × 40 cm
Peso Imballo: 1kg

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