What is the difference between lava stone and soapstone?

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Discover the Uniqueness of Etna Lava Stone and Why Choose CuoreLavico for Your Home and Kitchen

In the world of furniture and design, as well as in the culinary world, the choice of materials plays a key role. Among them, lava stone and soapstone stand out for their unique characteristics, finding applications in both furniture and cooking stoves. But what are the differences between these two materials and why does lava stone, especially from Etna, prove to be a choice of excellence?

Differences between lava stone and soapstone: Furniture and Design

From an aesthetic point of view, lava stone and soapstone offer different solutions. Lava stone, with its durability and variety of colors ranging from gray to black, brings a touch of naturalness and visual strength to rooms, and also since it can be glazed, it can take on endless varieties of colors and texures. Soapstone, also known as steatite, on the other hand, has a softer texture and colors tending toward grayish-green, and cannot be glazed or colored.
In terms of its use in interior design, lava stone, due to its resistance to temperature changes and abrasion, lends itself magnificently to the creation of kitchen countertops, bathrooms, flooring, exterior cladding and designer objects.

Use as Cooking and Safety Plates

When it comes to cooking, lava stone definitely offers better performance, especially the one from Etna, due to its porosity and ability to evenly distribute heat, it allows food to be cooked evenly, preserving its flavor and nutritional properties. Soapstone, with its smooth surface and ability to retain heat for a long time, proves ideal for slow, low-temperature cooking; it is also more delicate and prone to breakage from temperature changes.
On the safety front, both lava stone and soapstone are natural materials that do not release chemicals during cooking. However, it is crucial to make sure they are untreated, especially without the use of paints or toxic substances, especially in the case of cooking plates.
Not all lava stone is the same. That mined from the slopes of Etna is distinguished by its unique characteristics, due to the particular composition of the magma from which it originates, this variety is particularly valued for its greater strength, compactness and high specific weight, characteristics that make it unique. It is also the only one suitable for food use, as it has a much lower radiation emission spectrum than other lava stones.

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Why Choose CuoreLavico?

CuoreLavico, with more than a decade of experience in working with Etna lava stone, is a guarantee of quality and safety. His deep knowledge of the material and attention to detail in the manufacturing process make his products not only aesthetically appealing, but also functional and durable. Choosing CuoreLavico means relying on professionals who know how to make the most of the qualities of Etna lava stone.

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