How do you wash the lava stone?

Cleaning your lava stone griddle is easier than you think.

To best maintain the incredible characteristics of this product, however, it is a good idea to observe a few precautions and avoid making some mistakes.

The first is to be careful about temperature changes. It is true that the lava stone griddle withstands very high temperatures, but it is also true that thermal shock can damage it so avoid putting it under cold water while it is still hot.

Another caution to follow is not to use harmful products or chemicals since the lava stone plate has its own porosity. It is therefore preferable to use vinegar, baking soda, alcohol.

You can scrape your plate with an abrasive sponge, loofah, or scraper without worrying about scratching the surface to remove stubborn residue.

You can also make a Pyrolysis cleaning, in which all the residue is “burned off” by the high temperatures, you can do this if your oven has the option of pyrolytic cleaning also called self-cleaning ovens or on your barbecue by leaving it on for 20-30 minutes at maximum temperature if it can reach the temperature of about 500 °C.

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